I love giving my clients their wedding albums. Well, actually, I’m always a little bit sad, partly to say goodbye to the beautiful album (I always want to keep them!) and also because it is usually the last time I will see my lovely couples, and I do grow very fond of them! But I love seeing my couple unwrap the album, open the box and untie the velvet drawstring bag, stroke the supple leather cover and gasp as they see how beautiful their images look as real printed photographs in a professional album. Whether it’s a sleek and contemporary flushmount book, a classic matted album, the fabulous Duo album, satin photo-finish or gorgeous fine art paper, the reaction is always the same 🙂 ‘We can’t believe these are our wedding photos!’. There’s something so special about seeing images printed rather than on a computer screen or phone. Not to mention the longevity of a professionally printed album. Who knows how long it will be before the DVD goes the same way the floppy disc went…? Will we be able to access all those photos we put on facebook in the future? And what happens when your hard-drive fails and you haven’t backed up your wedding photos? I understand that we live in a digital age, and digital images definitely have their place, but in my wedding photography collections they are the optional extra, not the main event. Your wedding photographs deserve to be presented in a beautiful way, that will last the years. I know countless couples who opted for a ‘disc-only’ package with their wedding photographer, with all the best intentions of printing the images and creating their own album, but fast-forward a few years and the images are still sitting in a drawer on a disc, or in a folder on the computer. Then there’s the fact that professional quality wedding albums just aren’t available to the public, and surely your precious wedding photographs deserve to be presented and preserved in a way that won’t fade, discolour, tear, or come apart at the seams?  I want my couples to have something beautiful that they can treasure forever, and eventually to be passed down the generations as a precious family heirloom. And I only use Queensberry because in mine and many other photographers’ opinions, they make the most beautiful wedding albums in the world 🙂

I’d love to meet you and show you some examples of these beautiful albums, but in the meantime here are some examples of Helen & Rich’s gorgeous fine art flushmount album…

Fine Art Wedding Photography